BYE LAWS

The following  Bye laws (and last amendment dates)  have been accepted by the Committee and all members and users are subject to these.

1 DRESS STANDARDS (September 2015)

The Committee recognise that dress rules and standards need to be flexible to meet with changing styles but in order to maintain the integrity of the Club, certain basic rules must apply to a Members Club that may not be common place in general licensed premises. Recognising the subjectivity of this matter, the Committee hereby set out items of clothing that have specific restrictions or conditions.

1 Dirty working clothes, high visibility working clothes-muddy working boots-vests-singlets or clothing with obscene, racist or offensive language are strictly prohibited at all times.                   
2  Gentlemen will wear shirts at all times.
3 Gentlemen will remove all headwear on entering the premises.
4 Branded replica  football shirts are not encouraged and are in any event, specifically prohibited in the Upstairs lounge on a Saturday evening from 7.00pm.
5 Gentlemen may wear tailored shorts at all times in the premises with the exception of the Upstairs Lounge on Saturday evenings from 7.00pm. Shorts that may be considered as swim wear are not permitted.
(In matters of uncertainty the Committee advise members to check with the Steward and provided the dress wear is not specifically referred to above then the Steward is AUTHORISED to make such decision as may be needed taking into account both the interests of the Club and of the member concerned on the basis of common sense and mutual agreement.  In the event of continuing disagreement the Steward shall refer the matter to the duty committee member or Officer or Club Secretary.


Family members are welcome in this Club.
 It is the member’s responsibility to ensure that the activities of young children do not effect the quiet useage of the Club by other members. The Steward is AUTHORISED by the Committee to control and manage the activities of children and to inform the parents or responsible persons in the event of behaviour not being considered acceptable.
Children under the age of 12 are not permitted in the Club after 9.00pm unless attending a private function in the upstairs lounge and in which area they must remain.
Children under the age of 16 are not permitted to stand in the specified bar area nor order any products from the bar, nor are they permitted to play on the Snooker Tables at any time, and nor on the Pool Table unless  accompanied by a responsible adult.
No person under the age of 18 is permitted to play on the Club’s gaming or lottery machines nor to be given lottery tickets. The Club will not pay out any winning tickets to a person under the age of 18.
No person under the age of 16 is permitted within the smoking area and the snooker room.

3 DOGS (September 2015)
Well behaved dogs are welcome in this Club but must be kept on a lead at all times and not be allowed to jump up or annoy other members.
Dogs must be kept away from areas where other members are or may be eating.
The dog owner will be responsible for any required cleaning up after their dog.

4 FOOD AND DRINK (May 2015)
The consumption of any  food/snacks/drinks not supplied by the Club is prohibited.

5 SMOKING (June 2015)
All the area within the  Club’s ownership  both indoors and outdoors, with the sole exception of the outside rear garden, is designated non smoking. The Club’s property includes that area to approximately twelve feet from the front door and members MUST NOT SMOKE WITHIN THAT AREA.

The use of offensive, racist or foul language in the Club premises is STRICTLY PROHIBITED at all times. All staff, committee members or any other member have the right to ensure that this regulation is adhered to at all times.

7 STAFF (April 2014)
The Club has a duty of care to all its employees to ensure a safe and comfortable working environment. All members must respect this right and any verbal or physical aggression towards staff will be treated with the utmost seriousness by the Committee. Any complaint against a staff member may only be made in writing to the Club Secretary and only the Club Secretary has the power to take any procedural action in such matters with due regard for the staff members employment contract rights and conditions.

8 VISITORS (April 2014)
All non members over the age of 18 must be properly signed into the visitors book and the current charge of £1.00 paid. All visitors shall be issued with a guest ticket which must be retained for the duration of the visit and be made available for inspection by any authorised person. The signing in member must remain in the Club premises while the visitor is at the Club and such member is  responsible for the conduct of their visitor and the adherence to the Club Rules and Bye Laws. Any guest not properly signed in will, if they play the Club’s gaming and lottery machines, forfeit all winnings. Visitors under the IA Scheme must sign the visitors register. The Club reserves the right to restrict the number of visits made by any guest or visitor.

The Club will not tolerate any breach of the Licensing Laws and all staff are AUTHORISED to refuse to sell alcohol to anyone who cannot prove age when requested or in any case where they believe that alcohol is being purchased for anyone who is under age. The Club will ONLY accept, as proof of age, a current UK passport or photo driving licence.

The staff have the FULL AUTHORITY of the Executive Committee at all times to restrict entry, remove customers and/or refuse to serve any persons who breach the Club’s Rules Or By Laws or whom they consider to be unsuitable arising from excessive alcohol consumption, the use of bad language or in any other form of anti social behaviour whether the offender be a member or a guest. Any member not acting in accordance with the instructions of the staff shall be subject to disciplinary proceedings as defined in the club rule​s.​​